About Me



Engineering geologist with 8 years experience of construction, geotechnical, geohazard and ground investigation projects.

Key Experiences;

  • Engineering geology of a wide range of soils, rock and geomorphological conditions
  • Identification and assessment of geohazards within both manmade and natural terrain slopes
  • Geohazard risk assessment
  • Ground investigation planning, procurement and management
  • Geotechnical supervision for ground investigation, earthwork construction and slope stabilisation
  • Preparation of geotechnical specifications and reports (factual and interpretative reports)
  • Geotechnical Logging of soil and rock materials in accordance with BS, ASTM and ISRM
  • Specialized at investigating, analysing and modelling of Landslide and Karstic areas
  • Supervision for geotechnical in-situ tests
  • Geotechnical instrumentation
  • Geotechnical monitoring and analyses of slope stability
  • Geological and geomorphological mapping
  • Soil and rock laboratory tests
  • Supervision of piling works and pile loading test
  • Ensure compliance to HSE rules